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Frequently Asked Questions


Who runs Be A Philanthropist? 

The Sorenson Legacy Foundation funds Be A Philanthropist’s grants. Subsequently, the Grantwell Foundation of the BYU Marriott School assigns a team of graduate students to carefully analyze each application and choose the best proposals that match our grant criteria.  

Grant Requirements

Can I get funds for an existing organization? 


Yes, funds are available for both new and existing organizations. 

Can I get funds for an existing project? 


No, the project needs to be a new one in order to qualify for a grant. 

I previously received a BAP grant; can I apply for another one for a different project? 


Yes, but you can receive only one grant per academic year. 

Do you fund international projects? 


Yes, BAP awards grants for international projects. However, the process tends to take longer for projects abroad due to tax regulations such as the creation of an ITIN. Thus, our guidelines and review process are even more rigorous for these projects due to the more complex financial, tax-related, and legal requirements, as well as extra effort needed to maintain accountability for international partners.

Application Process


When should I apply? 

Be A Philanthropist awards grants twice a year during the university academic year. The Spring application opens in January and closes in mid-March, and the fall application opens in September and closes in early November. For specific deadlines please visit our "Apply" page.

BAP is not active during the summer (May-Aug), so please keep in mind that any communications or applications sent to BAP during that time might not be addressed until September. 


I applied before but I was not selected, can I apply again? 

You can reapply as long as you did not get a grant within the same school year when you applied. We encourage you to apply again. Please send us an email to if you have questions regarding your application and how it can improve, and we will provide feedback. 

For Grant Recipients


I was selected for a grant—what should I do next? 

You will need to fill out and submit the necessary tax forms by the deadline provided in the acceptance email. Not doing so on time will disqualify your project from receiving a grant. 

Reporting to BAP After a Project

When should I report back? 

As soon as the funded project is completed and/or running properly, please use the link on the bottom of the BAP home website. Remember that you agreed to report back and submit pictures as part of your application. 


Where do I submit my project report and pictures? 

Please click the link on the bottom of the BAP home website to fill out a google form and submit your pictures. Once you have provided your consent, we will use these photos for BAP promotional material and record keeping. 

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