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Here are examples of some of the great projects we've funded.


  • Kickstarted a social media consulting group for public health.

  • Provided services for disabled veterans and their families.

  • Provided cholesterol screenings to 50 clients.

  • Established key partnerships to use viral marketing to promote healthy behaviors.

  • Administered deworming medication in the slums near Mbale, Uganda to eradicate intestinal worms in children.

  • Provided dental supplies to dentists and hygienists in Utah County to offer oral car to low-income families.

  • Taught families in Madagascar about square foot gardening, improving their diets and adding fresh vegetable to their diet.

  • Provided mental and emotional counseling services to a young woman.

  • Continued development of an online trauma resource that, according to the grantee, "made a difference to me in a particularly hard patch of my life.”


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  • Purchased Ozobots to teach coding to children at an elementary school in Utah.

  • Created a recycled bottle irrigation system for special needs school in Peru.

  • Allowed a lower income school to take students on a field trip to a local planetarium and rock museum. 

  • Provided science kits for students in Ghana  to improve standardized test scores. 

  • Funded a motivational speaker's visit to a low-income junior high. The visit “made the students feel school pride and unity... [and] the short-term impact has been significant.”

  • Raised money for an interactive whiteboard system for a nonprofit K-12 school.

  • Purchased abacuses to increase students' math skills. 

  • Provided college students with firsthand micro-finance experience.

  • Facilitated the purchase of reading materials for 25 refugee children from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, and Nepal to improve community literacy.


  • Provided 166 chicks to provide funds (eggs) for an orphanage in Thailand.

  • Provided supplies and Christmas presents for children following a flood in Peru.

  • Designed, created (using local materials), and installed washing machines in two small villages in Peru, reducing the need to wash clothes by hand.

  • Installed solar lights in a community in Ecuador.


  • Improved fundraising efforts for a high school girls' varsity soccer team through a more efficient registration process.

  • Replaced worn out soccer balls for children in Ghana.

  • Provided mountain biking practice jerseys to a low-income high school racing team.

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