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Since 2012, Be a Philanthropist has funded projects that focus on ideas, not problems. We want to empower people, especially students, to create projects that make a difference in our communities in new and innovative ways. Read about some featured past projects or see a list of project ideas.


Grants will not be awarded for previously existing projects, mission funds, donations to a nonprofit, or giving micro grants to individuals. All funds awarded need to be used to accomplish a specific project for $1000 - $5000. To put it simply, we are looking for simple, effective ideas that will have a high impact for the organization or cause you are supporting.

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If you have a great idea, share it! We use several specific criteria when deciding who gets BAP micro-grants, so consider these questions to increase your chances of getting funded:

  • Who will my project impact? How will it better people's lives and/or well-being?

  • What is my timeline? Your project has to be completed within a year of the grant, so plan your timeline carefully!

  • Is my project innovative? Tell us how your project is unique!

  • Is my project sustainable? Will you be able to continue your project after receiving a BAP grant? If you don't plan on making your project a long-term effort, how will you keep serving the community? We need to know how you will keep "being a philanthropist!"

If you receive a BAP award, you will be required to report on your project in order to be considered for future funding.

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