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Vegetable Garden Irrigation

This student group planned, tilled, and planted a recycled bottle irrigation for a special needs school in Cajamarca, Peru with their BAP grant. They prepared the plot and planted vegetables for them to use in the lunches for the students.


They also were able to provide 208 packets of vegetable seeds (of similar varieties) to 22 families, giving them the opportunity to supplement their diets with more vegetables and better nutrition.


Songs for the Music and Memory Program

The Music & Memory program was able to purchase close to 400 songs to serve current and future clients. Clients and their caregivers reported that the personalized music playlists brought a sense of comfort, joy, well-being, re-engagement, and reduced uncomfortable symptoms of dementia such as anxiety and agitation.  


Clients used the music to help them sleep, to motivate them during walks, when they were in the car, and just because they enjoyed their music. The songs that were purchased ranged from John Denver to Tony Bennett Duets, to The Platters, to the music of Saturday’s Warrior, to Mexican Rancheras and folk songs.


Community Art Class

The Food and Care Coalition used their grant to purchase art supplies and taught a regular art class.

The class helped develop students' skills while improving their confidence. They held art shows to display their work to the community.

A repeat grant recipient, the Food and Care Coalition shows that a micro-grant can go a long way toward helping the underserved in the community.


Princess Party Fundraiser

The Family Place held a Princess Party fundraiser which is a family-friendly event where attendees dress as a princesses, meet their favorite princesses, participate in crafts and activities, and enjoy a tea party. The fundraiser helps raise funds and inform the public of the services available at The Family Place, and it also gives children an opportunity to express creativity, build self-esteem, and bond with family members.


We are often told that this experience leaves lasting memories that families treasure.

GB1_3332 20170114 1337   Princess Party
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