What kinds of projects do we fund?

Since 2012, we fund projects that focus on ideas not problems. We want to empower people, especially students, in creating projects that are making a difference in our communities in new and innovative ways.


Grants will not be awarded for ongoing projects, mission funds, donation to a nonprofit, or giving micro grants to individuals. All funds awarded need to be used to accomplish a specific project for $500. To put it simply, we are looking for ideas that will have a high impact for the organization or cause you are supporting.

Will my project be funded?


If you have a great idea, share it! We have specific criteria on who we fund, so consider these questions:

  • Who is my project impacting? How will it better their lives and/or well-being?

  • Do I have a set timeline? (This project has to be completed within a year of the grant, so consider the project carefully!)

  • Is your project innovative? Describe why.

  • How is your project sustainable? If not a long-run project, how will you keep serving the community (We need detail on how you will keep being a philanthropist)

You are also required to report on your project to be considered for future funding.

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